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Llewellyn Cheng

As a designer and architect, Llewellyn Cheng aspires to create spaces that are modern, timeless, and with a certain understated sensibility and sophistication. Cheng believes that great architecture and interior design hold a special power which has a direct and positive influence on our corporeal experience of the world, the quality of our daily life, and our connection with nature.

After graduating from the School of Architecture, Cheng gained diverse experience with institutional, mixed-use architectural projects, and private residences through various companies. In 1998, he joined leading hospitality design firm Duncan Miller Design in Dallas and later in his career with BBGM in New York City. He has since built tremendous experience in luxury hospitality and residential interior architecture and design. Recent notable projects he led as project manager and designer include a 4000-key hotel for CityCenter in Las Vegas, and restaurants for Mandarin Oriental Hotel. His experience also includes several leisure resort renovations and developments in Florida, high-end residential, and retail interiors in Hong Kong and China.

As an architect, Llewellyn Cheng often aspires to achieve a certain resonance and harmonious balance between the space and users through carefully sculpted spaces and pure tactile experience. To the designer, there is a certain identity and personality that the space of a project hermetically wants to evolve based on the given context and program. When designing a project, Cheng's goal is to bring its inherent spatial identity and pure form to life.

Amy Lee

As an interior designer, Amy Lee believes that a perfectly designed space is where one's senses are subtly stimulated in the most pure, natural, and classic way. She acknowledges that honest elements and materials bring our internal senses back to nature, which in return can make one feel complete and whole.

After obtaining a college degree in Interior Design and in Art History, Lee joined renowned hospitality design firm HBA - Hirsch Bedner and Associates in California in 2001 where she grasped the essence of upscale interior design while molding her own unique design aesthetic. She later joined BBGM and Clodagh Design in New York City as a senior interior designer where she also gained tremendous success. Within those firms, her distinctive design intuition and passion have served her well in many exquisitely designed and executed projects such as Vdara Urban Hotel of Project CityCenter in Las Vegas and the exclusive Miraval Spa and Villa Resort in Tucson Arizona which won "Best of Show" and "Best Luxury Guestroom" in the 2009 Hospitality Design Magazine Awards.  Additional merits under her design leadership include winning the competition for the Pierre Hotel renovation and the Westin Time Square in New York City. 

As an interior designer, Lee frequently draws inspirations from nature. She has an undeniable appreciation for beauty that is inherent in the rawness of materials and the purity of nature.