PURE architecture and design
mission statement

PURE architecture and design aspires to create an environment that cultivates a spatial identity and experience through the appreciation of simplicity, industrial aesthetic, and honesty of materials. PURE believes the contrast of raw and classic elements will enrich the senses and our journey in life.

PURE architecture and design was established in early 2008 when architect and designer, Llewellyn Cheng, and interior designer, Amy Lee, united to form a partnership to create a unique interior architecture and design brand-based company.

Llewellyn Cheng and Amy Lee crossed paths at various points during their careers, while working successfully for leading hospitality design firms in New York City. Both share an undeniable similarity in their design sensibility and career ambition; this united Cheng and Lee to channel all they have learnt into an aesthetic that was natural and intuitive to both designers; an aesthetic that sways away from the market trends and endures the testimony of time. In addition, both partners believe that each detail, be it graphic, lighting, or an accessory, contributes to the overall cohesiveness and purity in design.

PURE architecture and design provides interior architecture and design services for small exclusive projects that vary from independent restaurants to private residences. According to the designers, each project has its own challenges and constrains, yet all unique circumstances are embraced and understood. PURE's attention to detail holds the same importance during the different phases of the project, from designing, documentation, construction administration, to project installation.

Ultimately, PURE architecture and design aims at provoking a design authenticity by creating culinary destinations and awe-inspiring environments where one enjoys and celebrates raw and classic moments within nature and life.